THW Law Idaho Falls and Common Questions

Should My Business Hire an Idaho Falls Attorney?

Yes – early and regularly. Many business owners may not know or understand all of the laws and regulations with which their business must comply. There are numerous potential regulatory, contractual, employment, and environmental issues facing businesses today. This is especially true in the health care profession. An Idaho Falls attorney can assist you to know what these issues are. Many business owners are willing to hire an Idaho Falls attorney to do the formal paper work to set up the business, negotiate or draft a contract, or defend against or bring a lawsuit. However, lawyers at Thomsen Holman Wheiler, PLLC can also be helpful in providing general counsel for the purpose of complying with the laws in an effort to prevent legal problems from arising. In today’s business environment it is better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to legal issues.

Health Care: Do I Need a Compliance Plan?

If you are a health care professional, the answer is usually “yes.” The federal government is heavily involved in regulating the health care industry. Through those regulations, the government has established the need for health care professionals to adopt a meaningful compliance plan. The adoption and use of such a plan will provide the provider with more favorable treatment by the compliance authorities should the need arise. The plan must identify areas of concern with regard to compliance, address steps to be taken by the business to assure compliance (including adoption of written policies and procedures), and establish a means for monitoring compliance with the plan (including the designation of a compliance officer).

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