The Benefits of Hiring a DUI Attorney in Idaho Falls

For anyone that has been arrested for driving under the influence, one of the first questions is whether it is worth hiring private DUI attorneys in Idaho Falls.

Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC should be the initial number called after a DUI arrest. Whether it is the first DUI or the fifth, every DUI defendant should be represented by an experienced DUI attorney.

A trusted attorney is vital to protect one’s rights after a DUI. The attorneys at this Idaho Falls Law Firm are experienced in defending people charged with DUIs. From the start, the DUI attorney can advise a defendant of possible outcomes for the case, e.g., whether one is most likely looking at fines, jail time, etc.

Additionally, this Idaho Falls Law Firm understands criminal law, and more importantly, criminal procedure. An experienced attorney will know when to file a motion to suppress, which asks a court to throw out any evidence obtained by the police if the stop and search of a vehicle was illegal. Also, the attorney can determine if proper procedure was followed in order to administer a breathalyzer or blood test.

Before the hearing or trial, a DUI attorney will request discovery, which is evidence that must be reviewed to determine if criminal procedure was followed properly. For example, the attorney will request police reports, police video, test results, and information regarding any witnesses. The attorney may also research the scene and request any further evidence that may help the case.

People who hire a private lawyer after being charged with a DUI have a much lower chance of conviction and much better outcome than those represented by a public defender or who choose to represent themselves. Therefore, a DUI defendant should hire DUI attorneys in Idaho Falls to make sure he or she gets the best outcome and the DUI attorneys at Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC can bring peace of mind to those arrested for driving under the influence in Idaho Falls.

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