Idaho Falls Workplace Injuries

If you are injured on the job you may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. You must first seek medical care for your injury, and then promptly notify your employer. You may be entitled to four types of worker’s compensation benefits. Let Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC assist with any legal issues for Idaho Falls Workplace Injuries.

The first is medical benefits. Your employer’s insurance company must pay all costs of reasonable medical or chiropractic care resulting from your injury, for as long as it takes to get you well. This includes physical therapy and medication.

The second type of benefit is the temporary total disability benefit or TTD. This is an income replacement which kicks in after a five day waiting period. It is intended to compensate you for lost income while you are healing up from your injury. The TTD benefit will usually pay you about two-thirds of what you were earning before your injury. The TTD benefit will continue until your doctor releases you to return to work.

The third type of benefit is the impairment benefit. If your injury results in loss of bodily function, such as a decreased ability to lift heavy weights, a loss of range of motion or the like, then you will be entitled to a cash award. The amount of the award will depend upon the severity of your impairment. A doctor determines the severity of the impairment.

The fourth type of benefit is the disability award. If your impairment results in a loss of ability to earn income, then this loss can be compensated by a disability award. The amount of the disability award depends upon a number of factors, including the level of impairment, your education and job skills, and the availability of employment in your area. A THW Law attorney can help you to obtain a disability evaluation and disability award.

Worker’s compensation is a complicated area of the law, but THW Law knows this area well. If you have been injured on the job and are concerned about your rights, contact Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC for a free consultation. We can explain your rights and options.

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