Hiring an Idaho Falls Attorney

Why do I need an Idaho Falls attorney?

Much of what we do these days is regulated by law. The law is frequently complex and subject to change. An attorney’s experience, knowledge, and expertise are therefore invaluable not only in dealing with legal matters you may be facing, but also in explaining and interpreting the law as it pertains to your circumstances. The attorney’s guidance may be helpful in avoiding legal problems and litigation. In addition, an experienced attorney in Idaho Falls is familiar with the legal process (courtroom procedures, filing requirements, deadlines, etc.) and can help you work through the process should that become necessary. When you hire an Idaho Falls attorney, all of the resources and staff of the attorney are available to protect your interests. The attorney is there to represent your best interests by researching and analyzing all of the available information and law relating to your situation and will attempt to provide you with the opportunity to make an informed decision about the legal issues you may be facing.

How much will it cost me to hire an attorney in Idaho Falls?

While it is true that hiring an Idaho Falls attorney can be expensive, the fees charged and expenses incurred vary with each circumstance and case. If managed properly, the assistance of an attorney can be cost-effective. Some cases can be handled on a “contingency fee” where the attorney shares a percentage (usually one-third plus costs) of the amount collected as reimbursement for the services provided. Other cases or circumstance require that the work be provided based on an hourly rate plus costs. Hourly fees vary depending upon the attorney, the type of work, and the amount of future work that may be provided by the client. At Thomsen Holman Wheiler, PLLC, our hourly rates are competitive with comparable firms in our geographical area. Costs include a wide range of expenses such as travel, deposition transcripts, copying, expert fees, and the like. In many cases, the question of how much will it cost to hire an attorney can be answered by the old television commercial slogan, “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later” and in the legal arena it will usually cost much more later! In other words, incurring a single significant legal liability which might have been avoided through the early use of an attorney can erase many years of “savings” gained from not employing the services of an attorney. Get in touch with Thomsen Holman Wheiler, PLLC today.

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