The Benefits of Employment Law Attorneys

July 9, 2021

When starting a company, many entrepreneurs will occasionally need assistance from a lawyer, and employment law experts represent both employees and employers. For instance, knowing the benefits that should be provided to employees and dealing with complicated labor laws that sometimes are perfect on paper but involved parties face legal challenges, such as employment contracts,…


Why Should I Call a Personal Injury Attorney?

July 8, 2021

Why Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC Should Be Your Choice for Personal Injury Law in Idaho Falls When people get injured in car accidents, are bitten by dogs, or slip and fall in store aisles or parking lots, it is almost always due to another person’s negligence or carelessness. Unfortunately, individuals and companies are unlikely to…


Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys in Idaho Falls

July 2, 2021

Estate Planning Services in Idaho Falls Estate planning services in Idaho Falls are an essential component of planning for your passing. Estate planning is the act of making your final wishes known to your estate before your death, and an important part of the process is planning your will. Estate planning services allow you to…


A Top Firm for Idaho Employment Law

June 18, 2021

Employers and employees are advised to consult with an attorney or representative to understand the issues related to Idaho Falls employment law. Experienced employment law attorneys in Idaho Falls reliably answer all their client’s questions and provide valuable guidance during a case. During cases, clients must let their attorneys know if their managers don’t respond…


Trusted Health Care Lawyers in Idaho Falls

June 11, 2021

Healthcare attorneys are the best-suited individuals to pursue matters relating to Idaho Falls health care law. They are lawyers who specialize in legal cases involving the medical profession, and healthcare lawyers are a resource to both individuals and health care providers as they understand matters of regulations. In addition, their legal background is essential in…


When To Call A Personal Injury Attorney

June 11, 2021

When another person, or the actions of another, have caused you to suffer an injury, you should consider consulting with a personal injury attorney. An injury resulting in physical, emotional, or mental damage is generally included in the category of a personal injury. At Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC, you will find a top personal injury…


Why Should I Hire An Estate Planning Lawyer?

June 9, 2021

Estate Planning Lawyers You probably own various assets, such as your car, bank accounts, insurance, furniture, and more. People collectively refer to these possessions as an estate and contrary to what you might believe, that word doesn’t only refer to land, buildings, and homes. Situations can get messy between family members or business partners if…


Experts in Idaho Employment Law

May 3, 2021

Employment Law in Idaho When you get unexpectedly fired, your first instinct might be to get a lawyer. At-will employment means that an employer can immediately fire a worker, as long as the reason is not illegal, and similarly, a staff member could quit any time they want for any reason. At-will employment law in…


Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC: Idaho Falls Personal Injury Attorneys

April 29, 2021

Suffering from a personal injury can have a devastating and long-lasting impact on your life. The Idaho Falls personal injury attorneys at Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. They have the experience and resources necessary to fully analyze and investigate accidents, so they can come up with an…


Call (208) 522-1230 for Help With Idaho Estate Planning

April 27, 2021

Estate Planning in Idaho Falls No matter if you’re a father, mother, daughter, or son, you want to know that your family is taken care of at the time of your passing, but that can only occur if you have the right estate plan at the ready. So, how do you go about accomplishing this?…

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