What Qualifies as a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Idaho Falls

The term, “wrongful death,” encompasses circumstances where a person dies due to the negligence or actions of another party. After an unjust death occurs, the family could start a lawsuit to collect economic losses and compensation for tort-based allegations. Idaho Falls wrongful death attorneys can help families after they lose someone due to negligence, direct or indirect failures, or criminal infractions.

A Viable Claim

Idaho Falls wrongful death attorneys start by assessing what happened because the fatalities happen for a myriad of reasons, including surgical injuries, auto accidents, product defects, animal attacks, and dangerous crimes.

The evidentiary support must show that the victim died because of the specified event, and it must show without a doubt that the defendant is liable for an avoidable death.

For example, in an auto accident, the accountable driver must have committed a moving violation, been under the influence, or created circumstances within their control that caused the accident. Dangerous road conditions do not substantiate a claim for wrongful death in Idaho Falls against the driver. A mismanaged road falls onto the shoulders of the elected official responsible for maintaining safe roadways in their district. Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC can help families who lost a loved one in an auto accident.

Understanding Economic and Non-Economic Damages

After a wrongful death in Idaho Falls, the victim’s family files a claim to collect economic damages and these damages include the victim’s medical and funeral expenses.

A spouse may claim lost wages or support as economic damages. If they lost property, such as an automobile, the replacement amount is added to the claim.

Non-economic damages reflect losses due to mental anguish, the loss of companionship, or tort-based allegations such as pain and suffering. An attorney explains how these losses are calculated and presented in the claim, and a claimant uses these allegations if they lost their spouse or a parent who was their sole financial supporter.

At Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC, clients discover the validity of their claims and get started. The attorneys understand how to proceed with a lawsuit and what evidentiary support substantiates the claim.

They understand how devastating it is to lose a loved one suddenly and how widespread the results of the fatalities are. Families who need legal assistance with a wrongful death claim can contact the law firm now for more guidance at this detrimental time. For additional information about Idaho Falls wrongful death attorneys, visit www.thwlaw.com.