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Product Liability Attorneys

Before you contact a product liability attorney in Idaho Falls, it may help you to know more about this type of claim. In general, product liability claims are filed when the proper use of a product causes harm to the person using the product. While laws concerning defective products are more complex, this overview will provide a better understanding of product liability.

What are the Types of Product Liability?

Idaho Falls product liability laws require that a product is defective and that the defect in the product was responsible for causing harm. There are three different ways this situation can occur:

1. Defective Design – If a product features a design flaw that makes the product reasonably dangerous, the manufacturer may be held liable for damages. In this type of case, the defect would be present in every product of that same model or type.

2. Defective Manufacturing Process – In some cases, the design may not be unreasonably unsafe, but a problem in the manufacturing process could render the product hazardous. A skilled personal injury attorney, such as Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC, can help you prove that the manufacturer is liable under these circumstances.

3. Defective Marketing – The distributor, retail store, or manufacturer may be to blame for falsely advertising the product, and this includes making claims that are untrue, failing to provide thorough instructions on the product’s use, or failing to warn about potential hazards.

Who is at Fault?

A product liability attorney in Idaho Falls can help you determine the parties at fault for your damages and this will involve determining which parties acted negligently in the creation or sale of the product. It’s possible that more than one party can be named in a product liability claim. For instance, if a retail store owner knew there was a design flaw in a product and agreed to sell it anyway, both the manufacturer and the retail store may be held liable.

Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC can help you understand more about your Idaho Falls product liability claim in an initial consultation. They can examine your evidence to determine the strength of your case and the damages you can seek in your claim. This is an invaluable service because the insurance companies that work for the manufacturer or distributor may try to undervalue your claim, and individuals who consult an attorney first often receive fairer settlements than those who negotiate without a lawyer’s assistance.

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