The Most Reliable Intellectual Property Attorneys in Idaho

Idaho Intellectual Property Attorneys

Most intellectual property owners in Idaho don’t know how to protect their intellectual property and many others are unaware that rights over their creations and inventions are worth protecting. Idaho intellectual property attorneys are always at the forefront to help individuals protect their rights. If you are looking to protect your intellectual property in Idaho Falls, you can trust and depend on Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC with your intellectual property cases. Their team of attorneys have vast experience dealing with intellectual property cases, an excellent understanding of intellectual property laws, and can offer you all the guidance you need to help protect your rights.

Intellectual property laws recognize four different types of intellectual property:


Authors of novels, poetry, music, and any written piece have exclusive rights to their original work under copyright laws and owners of such work need to be aware that the work or end product is accorded protection and not the idea. For copyright to be acknowledged, the owner has to register it, so in order to understand the registration process and know which of your intellectual property in Idaho Falls is accorded protection by the copyright laws, book a consultation with the best Idaho intellectual property attorneys at Thomsen Holmen Wheiler PLLC.


Patents are licenses over an invention that allow the owner of intellectual property to sell, publicly disclose, or use their invention for a certain period of time. Patents can protect you against replication of your intellectual property; hence giving you control on who can use your content.


Wording, signs, or slogans that represent your inventions or business constitute trademarks and intellectual property laws are very particular on trademarks. Therefore, a thorough search on whether a similar trademark exists has to be done before a trademark is registered.

Trade Secrets

A crucial aspect of any business is trade secrets. They can involve the design of a product, formula, or device used in the manufacture of the business products, and businesses need to ensure that their trade secrets are duly protected. The team of competent attorneys from the law office of Thomsen Holman Wheiler PLLC can help you draft non-disclosure agreements to help guard your trade secrets.