Intellectual Property and Real Estate with Idaho Falls Law

If you need an Idaho Falls law team that understands the ins and outs of intellectual property and real estate, the legal firm of Thomsen Holman Wheiler, PLLC is your best bet. THW PLLC know the complexities of the intellectual property law Idaho Falls and are ready to help always.


Service Mark or Trade Mark Law Idaho Falls


A trademark is a design, symbol, or words give your business an identity and also protects your invention from the competition or copycats. Registering a trademark prevents the theft of an invention that requires a lot of effort, finances, and time to develop. The Law Offices of Thomsen Holman Wheiler, PLLC, Idaho Falls, assists you to defend your mark from the people who may want to infringe on your business.


Idaho Falls Law Team for Intellectual Property in Real Estate


Real estate buildings have unique characteristics, names, addresses, and distinct architectural designs. Attorney Idaho Falls can draft and register the prestigious identity and iconic image. The registration can forestall the damages that occur when another person decides to trade in a similar real estate image or name.


Copyright the Architectural Plans with THW Law Professionals


Copyright disputes can arise from other practicing real estate designers unless you register yourself as the owner or a particular architectural plan. Ideally, the copyright can last the architect’s lifetime an additional 70 years.


Law THW and IP Address of Real Estate Assets


The registration of the real estate property features and the intangible characteristics, such as the IP address, gives you the absolute rights to the revenue generated in the building. The IP address provides additional security against the real estate portfolio value infringement.


Trademarks and Logos


An attorney Idaho Falls also provide guidance on the proper way to secure the ownership of names, nick names, and brand logos. If you create a catchy name, you need to ensure that no pre-existing trademark conflicts with the name you want to register. Registering distinctive real estate trademarks is crucial to third party investors, real estate agents, and buyers too.


Idaho Falls Attorney for Real Estate Design Rights


Your building design must be novel, possess unique shapes, or have individual features to qualify for intellectual property and registered design. Whether you intend to have a trademarked commercial or residential, the services of a law THW Idaho Falls attorney will help you overcome the intellectual property registration hurdles. The THW law legal team services include the drafting of real website software, consulting agreements, websites, patent licenses, development agreements.